Tantra massage

Tantra massage is a very sensual and gentle massage. I start the massage with a short ritual where we tune with each other and then followed by a full body massage with hot oil, finishing with the lingam area.

I recommend you the tantra massage if:
– you want to try something special
– if you want a fuller erection 
– if you want to experience a prolonged pleasure, not just a routine 10-15 minute sexual act
– if you want to make your penis re-sensitize (to make it sensitive again)
– If you want to sensitize your whole body, not just your genitals
– if you want to get rid of your porn addiction
– if you want to shift your sexual life to a new level
– if you want to try something new and exciting

During the massage the genitals are being touched too. In tantra men should learn to have orgasm without ejaculation, in order to keep their energies. The goal is to shift the awakened sexual energy from the sex chakra to a higher level, to the heart chakra, or to move it all over in the body. I do the massage on a massage table, and using hot organic coconut oil. It will be warm in the room (in the summer months I have A/C). During the massage the guest and I are both naked, but there’s no mutual touching, the guest only receives the gentle touches and connects with his own pleasure. The goal is to be relaxed and consciou at the same time.