About me

My name is Christa Vigh, I'm a tantra masseuse and sex educator

Sexuality and intimacy has always played an important role in my life. I began learning massage therapy over 20 years ago and I’ve been practicing since then.

All throughout my career I’ve continued to expand my knowledge by continuing my studies and completed numerous massage therapy courses and have grown through education and practice. 

Touch is very important for me and for every human being, even though most people are not aware of it. During the time when I was working for spinal cord injured clients, I designed a wheelchair massage for them, because I felt they needed much more extra touch because of their lack of intimacy.

Later on in my carreer I learned several energetic healing techniques and body processes (Tibetan Reiki/Prananadi, Access body processes, etc.) and I integrated these energies into my massages.

I’ve been introduced to tantra in 2011 in India, where I got initiation in a Shakti Temple. Later on I participated in tantra workshops in Hungary, and since then conscious intimacy is an important part of my life. In 2013 I completed a course with Sylvia Szentesi intimacy artist and I’ve been interpreting Neal Wecker American sex coach several times in Budapest.


Even in one of my hobbies I hid erotica and sexuality: at the age of 20 I was painting literally sex scenes in my oil paintings. I liked the body parts and shapes and I painted the private body parts with the same elaboration just as if I was painting portraits. Even one of Europe’s prominent erotic art collectors has bought from my erotic paintings.

Meanwhile I’ve travelled around the world, and lived many years in the UK, and had long travellings in India, Thailand and USA too. Traveling and getting to know different cultures is one of the best ways of learning and growing and is a lot of fun.

In 2018 I completed a course of Deborah Sundahl American sex educator, called “g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation teachers training” which has broadened my sexual knowledge.

In 2019 I have completed an NLP coach course which gave me a lot of new tools to help others too to grow.

I continue to evolve and have transformed my life to a higher level several times. I am extremely grateful if I think about that I do what I like to do the most and what excites me. I would like to help others and inspire them on every fields of sexuality with my extensive knowledge and experiences. I welcome you to join my workshops, massages, private consultancy or educating practice.