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About love

Coming back from a hybernation period spent with learning, I decided to re-start posting by writing about love.
Because tantra massage is about love.
It is about unconditional surrender to the universal force of love. Not to be confused with sex as understood casually.

The person giving the massage is a conduit of universal love through his/her touch, breath, gentle attention and total presence.
This touch, this energy of universal love brings healing to the heart as well as to the body.
It helps in the healing of emotional wounds, trauma, pain, abandonment.
It helps in reconnecting with yourself, with the part of you that was shut off for fear of being hurt again.
It helps in embracing your gentle, loving aspects again.

By receiving – and accepting – the unconditional, non-judgmental love arriving to you through skilled, gentle touch, by letting your creative energy stored in your lower abdomenal area rise to your heart and fill your entire body, you can emerge into a joyful state of self-acceptance and self-love.
You can experience the version of yourself you always wanted to be. Creative, strong, flowing, loved and loving.

Tantra massage can help you attain this state.
And learning tantra massage gives you the tools to help your beloved to experience that state over and over again.

Feel free to contact me through my Tantra massage teacher Fb page about how to receive an introductory massage and how to learn this magnificent art.

With love
Eross Alchemy